The great Indian Tarek per Tarek system !!

The great Indian Tarek per Tarek system : Most Indian matrimonial cases can be decided in a total of 10 or 15 dates… But they aren’t. There drag on for years. In many cases, Adjournment after adjournment ( Tarek or Tarek ) means that you’re forced to appear at the court just to be told that you will have to come back on another date… !! And there may be no significant improvement in your case for months on end… if not in person, in some cases you may be allowed to appear by counsel. Either way you will spend a lot of money. Either way there will be a lot of anxiety. That will be added uncertainties if you hire a councel if well known reasons 😳😳 If you choose not to appear due to frustration or otherwise, the case may be dismissed or decided against you. That means, “….adjourned if you appear and gone against u, if you don’t… “😪😪 If you try to request the judge for speedy justice that may be even taken as a personal affront and spoil your case. You will remain a mute spectator as your life passes by, and the woman is enjoying interim maintenance out of your hard earned money… While trains, cars, buses, Internet, banking transactions, a thousand other things have gotten faster in India, justice has become slower …. as a result, in many situations The middleman thrive, the hornist break down. Only the hard willed, patient and well oiled can survive the system. ….wither justice??


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