India and inequality !!

INDIA 🇮🇳 inequality and marriage !!In India, equality is just a notion, just a clause in law books but not a reality. For example, in real life, Indian 🇮🇳 alfas & betas are NOT equal. Ruled & rulers are NOT equal. Men & women are not equal. Mother in law & daughter in law are NOT equal. This is NOT just at a police station, this is how the whole Indian society thinks & acts. Even judges are special. Higher the court, more special they become !! More the steps to his throne 💪. Your honour becomes MiLord 💪💪

But all this does NOT affect you directly unless you get into a clash with some of the unequals. 

The Indian middle-class lives most of its life without getting into clashes with unequals. They hardly go & challenge a mafia don, a goon, or a politician. Many take additional care NOT the challenge the alfas & goons. My parents were god fearing, VERY honest ppl. Sometimes they stuck their neck out for truth. Still they regularly told me to concentrate on studies and avoid fights !!!. Most middle class parents do. 

Unfortunately Marriage is one such MAJOR CLASH among unequals. Middle class Men do not understand the nature of that clash and are jolted out of slumber when they face this major inequality at a police station or court. 

A vast majority of Indian men DO NOT understand that marriage in India is a major major gamble. And it’s a gamble amoung unequals !! When you roll a dice and the other party has cunning & superior strength she will never let you win, easily. Every such game can easily lead to pain. 

The faster we understand the gamble, and especially the inequality associated with it, the faster we understand how police and pimps will enter our lives when married, lesser the pain, lesser the misery. This education, this understanding is the least we could do for our future generations. 

Ps : this may apply to dozen other countries or situations but I’ve mentioned india 🇮🇳 and marriages because that concerns me and my readers ☀️☀️

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