25% of husband’s hard earned monthly salary to 498a 406 wife who refused to return back !! Supreme Court of india !!

A honest husband filed #RCR. The wife responds with 498a and 406 !! The husband wins his case and wife looses her case … meaning husband and family are acquitted of fake 498a etc

In due course, the couple get divorced.

In due course the maintenance meter starts

Initially the wife gets a small amount but Soon she starts fighting for enHancement after enHanceMent

The matter reaches the honourable Supreme Court of India

The hundred Apple Supreme Court of India says that men are expected to pay at least 25% of the hard earned salary and orders the poor for like to play at least 20,000 per month even though the wife refused to return, even though the wife filed false cases, even though the sun is a major et cetera et cetera !!!!😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😳

Kalyan Dey Chowdhury vs Rita Dey Chowdhury Nee Nandy on 19 April, 2017



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