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Countless men & families suffer because of false cases filed using laws meant for protection of women.

Shared from a Facebook post of deepika Nara in Bharadwaj : 

Countless men and families are suffering because of false cases filed under laws meant for protection of women. Any and every dispute is being settled today by filing cases of dowry, rape , molestation etc and people are confidently extorting money and property from law abiding citizens through these laws. While learned educated men should be contributing towards progress of the country, they are doing rounds of courts in frivolous cases losing their jobs, careers, peace and health. While you empower the daughters of this nation, please don’t leave your sons in darkness of false accusations that are destroying lives and leading to suicides. I hope you address this problem and speak for India’s Sons. 
Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Guru gram

I recorded this message just now. You can also dial the toll free number 1800-11-7800 and record your message for #MannKiBaat.


If educated women need maintenance why educate them? Why waste seats?

Educated women seeking maintenance is one of the biggest anamolies in Indian justice…. not only educated women, even WELL EDUCATED PHDs have started seeking maintenance !!

Delhi Court: Wife being P.hd doesn’t disentitle her not to seek any maintenance from husband – Another Perverse Order
Delhi District Court: Rajesh Sharma Vs Neelima Sharma : 17/Apr/2017 >> https://indiankanoon.org/doc/6559812/
+ Wife filed DV against husband & his family members 

  • Husband salary is 50K & trial court awarded 25K as interim maintenance.

  • On appeal, district court stated that “At this stage, it has to be presumed that wife is not living away without any sufficient cause. Thus, she primarily seems entitled to seek interim maintenance”

  • Court also went to stating that ” Wife is trying to come out of such depression. Moreover, it is nobody’s case that wife has deliberately left any job or deliberately not wanting to work anywhere so that she enjoys easy money from her husband. India is a country where unemployment is a big social issue and getting a suitable job is a mammoth task. Be that as it may, evidently, as of now, she is not found to be employed anywhere. Merely because she is Ph.D would not mean that she cannot seek any maintenance for herself or for that matter for her minor daughter

  • As regards plea of dropping of proceedings qua of other appalents (i.e brother of husband), merely because they are government employees and are allegedly residing separately would not earn them any relief, 

‘We’re neither prostitutes nor drug addicts,’ Sisters ask HC to save them from parents & #Fake #Cases

Siblings go on protest walk, pleading the HC to “save them from their parents”

DNA web edition

“Neither we are prostitutes, nor are we drug addicts,” says Shivangi Sule,23, who along with her 21-year-old sister Samira, left their parents Malad residence to live an independent life. The siblings walked from Bombay High Court to Marine Drive with a placard saying: “Hon. Bombay High Court, we are #victims and we need #justice.”

Their walk grabbed the attention of passersby as they sought details of their case. The protest walk comes a day after the High Court slammed Malad police for not taking action against them on the basis of their parents’ complaint.

On December 24 last year, the siblings were allegedly #confined to their rooms and #tortured by their parents. Their friends, along with Dr Sunil Kulkarni, ‘#rescued’ them with the help of Malad police.

The girls later gave an application to the Malad police to file a complaint against their parents, but the police refused to do so. DNA had reported earlier how the siblings were given a lecture on morality at the Malad police station.

The Mumbai police on Wednesday informed the Bombay High Court that it would register a First Information Report against #Shifu #Sanskriti and its founder #Sunil #Kulkarni, alleged of running a sex and drug racket. The court has asked the police not to take the case casually and carry out the probe seriously. The direction was given while hearing a petition filed by the Malad-based couple, who alleged that their daughters had been ensnared by the alleged #cult #group.

The protest walk with the placard had two messages: “We are not Prostitutes. We are not drug addicts #SaveUsFromOurParents.” The second placard said: “Hon. Bombay HC, we are victims and we need justice #SaveUsFromOurParents.”

“We just want to live an independent life. Our parents are spreading false allegations against us and are alleging that we are involved in a sex racket and are drug addicts. They are misleading the Bombay High Court about Shifu Sanskriti, which is nothing but a way to relax our body and mind from negativity,” said Samira.

“We have been followed by goons and are being harassed by our parents through police officers who call us to the police station at hours. We request the Bombay High Court to give us justice because we are the victims. Please save us from our parents. We have done nothing wrong,” said Shivangi.

Dr Kulkarni said, “The allegations against me are completely baseless and I am being targeted just because I managed to rescue these kids with the help of the police. Now the parents of the girls are alleging that I hypnotised the girls and abused them sexually, which is false.”

Sudhir Mahadik, Senior Inspector, Malad police station, said, “We are yet to receive the court order or any direction in the case. The issue was handled legally and we did not find the girls to be on the wrong side of the law.”