48-YO Bengaluru Woman Arrested For Killing Her Husband With The Help Of Five Hitmen – Indiatimes.com

48-YO Bengaluru Woman Arrested For Killing Her Husband With The Help Of Five Hitmen

Bengaluru Police have arrested five people in connection with the murder of G Kumar, a financier, who was hacked to death last Thursday. Police said one of the arrested is Doreen Kumar, the wife of the financier, who is said to be the mastermind behind the crime.

The other four men planned and executed the murder, while one of the accused is still on the run. According to Police, 48-year-old Doreen had agreed to pay Rs 30 lakh to get her husband killed.

She reportedly was fed up with Kumar, who used to regularly assault her and her daughter.

Kumar, who was a moneylender allegedly waived off loans of women defaulters in exchange of sexual favours, a move which infuriated Doreen. She had plotted the murder almost three months ago with the help of Sridhar, who had borrowed Rs 5 lakhs from Kumar, with a promise to write off his loan.

“Kumar had given a loan of Rs 5 lakh to one Sridhar. When Doreen became friends with Sridhar, she discussed her husband’s relationships with him. She also sought his help to get Kumar killed. She agreed to waive off his loan and also decided to give a supari of Rs 30 lakh. She had also given Rs 2 lakh in advance,” a police officer said.

Sridhar who had a criminal past arranged the hitmen, whom Doreen paid Rs 2 lakhs in advance.


According to police, on the day of the murder, two women associates of the accused called Kumar on the pretext of a loan.

While Kumar was on his way, the accused attacked him and hacked him to death. Doreen who had earlier registered a police complaint about the death of her husband confessed to her role in the murder during detailed questioning.


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