My experience in mediation centre today in morning in court premises : 

My experience in mediation centre today in morning in court premises :


originally posted by @Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj on Facebook
Sitting at the mediation centre. Mediator is asking husbands family to take a loan to pay the amount wife is demanding for settlement (huge as per their standards, meagre as per mediators assessment.) She has filed a 498A and case has come for mediation during bail hearing.
Husbands father says he can not afford the amount at all as they are very poor and they want their daughter in law to live with them. They say the girls sister is married to Elder brother and she’s absolutely fine in the family. Mediator says Theek hai fir mat do paisa aur jail Jao saare.
Mediator Now talking to girl. Girl says I have asked him(husband) several times to work in Gurgaon and stay here (husband is right now studying in Rajasthan.) I don’t want to live where they live. He can live with my family. Mediator tells her he would convince him to shift here.
Mediator talks to boy again. Boy says he can’t leave his studies. He will finish and then shift for work, but not right now. Also he doesn’t want to be a ghar jamai which his in laws basically want. Mediator tells him she won’t come if he doesn’t shift. He refuses.
Girl called. Told how she should live happily with husband. He will shift in sometime. She’s adamant. Says ask them to give money and take divorce. They are rich. They have a house. Some fields too.
Husbands family back again. Mediator tells uncle – Bhaisahab court ke chakkar katoge saalon saal. Lawyer ko paise doge. Aane jaane ka kharcha karoge. Jail bhi jaoge. I am telling you arrange for money from anywhere and settle the matter. She isn’t asking for too much.
Uncle interrupts – mere paas nahi hain. Ek paisa nahi liya humne ladki vaalon se. Shaadi par kharcha hua hoga. Vo hamara bhi hua tha.
Mediator is slightly angry now. “To matlab Kuch nahi doge kya?” he asks uncle. A petrified uncle barely speaks – nahi de denge, he whispers.
“Loan le lo mil jaayega” mediator advises again.
I am called for my meeting. I leave thinking…… What’s dowry…


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