Criminal case against wife for lying of being jobless to get alimony – Pune Mirror

Criminal case against wife for lying of being jobless to get alimony
Criminal case against wife for lying of being jobless to get alimony
She claimed to be unemployed, but was working with PMC’s tax dept

Submitting false information in the affidavit about her job before the Pune family court with an agenda to get monthly alimony came at a price for woman, who works as a clerk with the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) tax department.

The judge, in an order, directed the registrar of the family court to file a criminal complaint before the magistrate concerned against the woman.

The woman was receiving monthly alimony of Rs 2,000 from her husband since 2012, and deliberately hid the information about her job with the PMC, where she was withdrawing monthly salary of Rs 20,000. Therefore, the husband decided to get evidence under the Right to Information (RTI) Act about her position and salary, and later submitted it before the court, after paying the sum for over five years.

Talking to Pune Mirror, advocate Tanaji Solankar, representing the husband, said, “The woman not only cheated the court, but also made her husband suffer financial losses for years. The court would have never passed the order of alimony if the truth would have been revealed much earlier. Now, we will go for a divorce.”

Family court judge Makarand Adwant in the order dated March 29, while directing to file the case against the woman, observed that she did ill things to seek maintenance order from the court. Adwant further stated that in the interest of justice, in order to punish the guilty wife, the criminal proceeding is required to be initiated against her. According to Section 193 of the India Penal Code (IPC), she may face seven years jail along with a fine.

The husband works as a social worker and the case has been going on since 2009.

The husband, a resident of Yerwada, had filed an application under sections 344 and 340 of CrPC to take action against the wife under sections 191, 193, 196, 199, 200, 181, 182 and 420 of the IPC for submitting false information to the couty.

The woman is staying away from her husband since 2008 along with her daughter in Balaji Nagar. In her affidavit, she had submitted that she is a housewife and unemployed and unable to feed herself and her daughter due to no source of income. She had also managed to produce a witness before the court and misguided the judge.

In his application, the husband has prayed for legal action against her for perjury.

During the hearing, the wife defended herself saying the job is not permanent, and she got it much later to the maintenance order. But, the court observed that the income is sufficient to maintain herself and daughter.


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