#COFFEE #cockroaches and #Molestation !! Why MGTOW is a frame of mind than anything else

#COFFEE #cockroaches and #Molestation !! 

  • Lots of men are rightfully angry about the #cockroach incident at a fast food / #coffee chain outlet. A male customer, indicated that there were cockroaches in the fridge where food was stored and served to customers . In spite of of his plea to clean up, the staff there did not care about it, and continued serving other customers. So this gentleman, took his mobile phone, and Recorded the cockroaches. A #female employee there PHYSICALLY slapped THIS #male customer ! And finally that same female employee ( the attacker ) filed a molestation case against that hapless customer. Pollees have now issued a notice of this for male customer asking him to turn up for enquiry . Of course, this sends shivers down the MIND of any male. * While I feel the same, and completely denounce false cases, I have a very simple alternate idea on this matter. Instead of shouting here, or shouting there, instead of expecting the Parliament to take notice, if just Few thousand men, in each city, each town, refuse to accept services in such fast food restaurants from #Women, we either boycott such a restaurants, or get into *other * restaurants and seek service only from male employees, that will create a huge backlash and corporate India will wake up with a thud … You can start in a very peaceful, civil boycott movement, just boycotting those eateries and fast food chains, that prominently employ women because these women pose a huge legal risk to male customers. The corporates that monitor sale on a daily basis, these megacorporations will immediately wake up . They have considerable clout and money power in today’s India, and will immediately take notice and taken action if you pinch their bottom line. 

  • But the key question is, will men really unite for such a simple cause ?? as of today, Twitter is trending MUCH more about, elections, politics, Yogi, slaughterhouses than anything to do with #MALErights … so, in essesense, MGTOW or being aware of #MALErigjts isn’t something Himalayan or impossible… It is just being aware of one’s own basic rights and acting for the common good of justice, decency, and safety of fellow honest men… !!


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