Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

Empower the son-in-law to unearth the black money

Respected Shri Narendra Modi ji. It is imPossible to catch all the fraud, black many wallas, with just a small #income_tax department, and a few #raids. Added to this Matrix is the inefficiency & bribery, in the banking infra / ecosystem.Your #demonetization and #blackMoney eradication schemes will eventually fail if you just depend on the official machinery. So, I sincerely request you to Please empower the son-in-laws who are fighting #falseDOWRY cases against the father in laws to come out with details of entire property of the father-in-law & all the black money with that father in law. If a female gives a complaint that her father paid a 20 lakhs ( INR 2 Million ) in dowry and also spent in addition on marriage, and also provided presents and gifts, it means the father-in-law has got assets of 1 to 2 crores. Please ask your department, to MINE the data on the DOWRY cases, and compare them against the income tax returns of the father in law, the brother in law et cetera !! You will Clean the entire system in less than two years. The amount of black money in the system and the parallel economy, is much bigger than the known #Gotalas of the precious 20 years !! Most of the Gold in India is unaccounted and can be easily traced using this route ! You are Known for your #innovative schemes, so I am very sure you will do something #innovative here as well