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I want a #helicopter for my marriage entry !! INDIAN Girls on TV 

IF the #BOY demands that is #Dowry !! But if the girl demands ??? * A popular #Tamil #TV channel conducted a show in which young #girls of #marriageable age and there own mothers participated.

  • These girls were asked a simple question “..What would you demand from your own parents for your marriage? ….” That idea was while men are being blamed for #DOWRY the show wanted to know if #girls themselves were #demanding anything from their own parents. 
  • Though expected by most by men’s rights activists, this show has been shocking for the general public. 

Some of the demands by the #GIRLS were as follows

  • I need a #grand #entry to my wedding, I want to land on the #marriage #hall using a #helicopter !! 3 BHK Flat and vehicles additional !!
  • a coolie labour’s daughter demands 80 sovereigns of gold ( 80 x 8 grams ), grand marriage and additional cash ! Her mother says she has NO cash and the girl says go borrow !!

  • One girl demands 365 saris so that she will not have to wear the same sari a second time during the year ! 

  • one poor father has given very good education to FOUR of his children and made them all professionals… One of these daughters, an engineer, demands 10 lakhs as deposit in the bank account in addition to marriage and marriage expenses

  • one girl demands Diamond necklace collections ( repeats the plural ) as a theme wedding in addition to a villa at casa grande 

  • most of those girls request car and a house !! Some even Insist on the house should be in a posh locality etc

  • 50 #sovereigns #gold is almost common … most people don’t want OLD jewels but want the latest designer jewels etc 

  • some demand plots of land , property etc 

  • some clearly say, register the house on their own name ( the girls name ) before marriage…

  • even the compare, whom I consider as pro women gets shocked by this demands

  • most of the people say they don’t want land or other properties, give us gold, saris, house in the city etc etc…

  • many of the mothers themselves are shocked. However most mothers can’t open their voice in public because it is their own upbringing that has spoiled these rich and young girls !! Some mothers raise a feeble voice

  • most of these are well educated girls… in one case the girls #Education costs #50lakhs and wants 50 more lakhs for marriage 

  • one mother says “….didn’t your father marry me without one penny …” and the girl retorts “… you were incapable …” !!!

  • While this is shocking some ppl, this IS THE SOCIAL norm in india 🇮🇳 

  • GIRLS demand #money. #Jewels. #Car. #House. #Property. #Helicopter. Whatever … but when the matter reaches the court, the boy is blamed. #Sad #Sad #reality in #India !! 

  • A link to a shortened episode is enclosed