#MartyrsOfMarriage #MEMRJ men’s rights & justice for #NRI

Screening of Martyrs of Marriage and Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj’s visit to UAE has been a RESOUNDING SUCCESS due to tireless effort of #MEMRJ men’s rights activists in #UAE and the Arabian gulf region. #Deepika’s image and stature, further added energy to the momentum. The first #international #screening, 🌎 , the standing ovation 👏👏, the prestigious Indian consulate as venue, the excellent turnout have all added jewels to the crown of #MOM & #NRI #Justice . The interest shown by the pillars of the Indian community in UAE, has greatly enhanced the #awareness building and has taken it a completely different level… following meetings with various notably personalities in Dubai, #Deepika could manage to meet Mr #BRShetty, one of the most well-known, generous, broadminded, and farsighted person known to the Indian community @ Abu Dhabi !! We are confident that these meetings, and interactions will greatly strengthen the movement. We take this opportunity to thank Shri BR Shetty ji and Shri Sarvottam Shetty ji and others involved 🙏🙏🙏 We are honored Sirs by your kindness, support and guidance


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