Do your OWN homework 

You cannot outsource falling in love ❤️ . Ditto with cases . Do your own homework 📚 . Fight your own legal battles 👩‍⚖️ … at least, understand the law very very well, before you step in to a landmine . dont trust either a lawyer or an MRA who just connected to you thru this blog page and Makes tall claims about all sorts of victories You are Already in some sort of a trouble, if you’re still seeking solution for your matrimonial issues 🔥 . please do not get into further trouble… 🙏🙏 . I do not recommend lawyers, I do not recommend other advisors… I suggest you read the lawn understand it very very well… I suggest that you attend weekly meetings, regular MRA gatherings to learn from the wealth of knowledge collected by thousands of other victims.. GOD BE WITH YOU


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