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Discharge of relatives in 498a/406 case : Ruchi Sapara vs . 1. State on 17 February, 2017

Discharge of relatives in 498a/406 case :

Complainant ( ablaa wife !! ) has not made any specific allegations against Smt Raemsh Kumari who is her chachi Saas. Specific allegations has been made only against the husband and the mother in law. Except making bare averments, the complaint of the complainant is not even corroborated by her own statement u/s 161 Cr.P.C..
So the accused Rakesh Kumari ( Chaachi says ) is discharged from the case filed U/s 498A/406/34 IPC.


That I don’t care attitude we all live in

Some 10%to 15% of Indian population is affected by fake cases springing from fake feminism. False rape, false molestation, elder abuse, destitution of elders, false DV, false 498a, fake maintenance, even false cases on impotency are all over the place. Openly violent women are on the rise . That means, anywhere between 15 to 18 crore Indians are affected by this malady either directly or indirectly. ( this number is an estimate are not based on some Scientific theory. Also, For every man falsely charged, 5 to 7 of his family members are in deep shit…) Some of the affected men maybe sitting at home, some sitting in the court, nevertheless they are all affected. Even if only 20% of those 18 crores wake up, and organise, and channelize their resources, that’ll shake the whole of India. Forget all that %, even IF just 1% of the Indian population, meaning even if ONE CRORE INDIANS come together, and voice deep concern against fake cases, lack of judicial accountability, et cetera, EVERY political party today would have waken up. Some parties would have even made it part of their manifesto, TO CLEAN UP the antimale system. However, The sad sad case in India is, men and families want to quickly settle, quickly end one case, and run to the next marriage, or the next party. Even when the elder brother is fighting his bloody case, his own younger brother wants to marry & screw the first available female. Many men don’t want you or their friends and colleagues to know that they were hit by fake cases. Many men will not even explain what happened to them or what happened to their children, parents on social media posts !!! This “I don’t care attitude” of the general population, especially families, has meant that the political parties do not care about MEN. The entire system ignores us, because we ignore ourselves. Indian Politicians hardly care about Indian MEN even whe approached in person. Not one single party of national frame, not one single party with at least 30 ..40 members in the Parliament, has men’s rights as it’s main plank. So….., 30 years after we started fighting, 20 years after we started organising ourselves, and 10 years after we started really being seen in public, and really being active, the situation remains almost the same for mail, with rampant false cases, with maintenance extortions, and a lot of elder abuse…There is no meaning in blaming this leader or that leader, this politician or that politician, this state of that state for this misery … We Indian men have to blame ourselves… Indian Families have to blame themselves… Every brother & sister has to blame himself or herself, and just be ready for the next fellow to get swallowed in this whirlpool