the more you pay the “Legal Terrorist” , the more “Legal Terror” grows !!

  • When a guy thinks of ONLY his own father, mother, brother etc & “settles” in lakhs or crores, paying to end a criminal case he feeds the sharks that will come hunting for the NEXT MALE. Period.
  • the more you pay the child kidnapper, the more stronger and greedy he becomes and comes for your brother’s, sister’s, cousin’s kid. the more you pay the more you are watering this “terrorist” ecosystem
  • The institutionalized anti male system in India, the unwritten ‘Pay to quash” system has thrived precisely on this “ransom” money.
  • This “Oh a few lakhs only” ransom is the building block for the Rs.4000 or Rs. 5000 crore p.a. male extortion Industry
  • It is one thing to amicably settle with the wife and end matters BEFORE Criminal cases… I have nothing against it. IMHO a decent parting of ways is good / advisable if you can’t live together.
  • Also, paying for one’s own child, or for the kid’s welfare, is our duty (joint or single can be argued). The kid did nothing wrong to the parent (in most cases). I generally encourage fathers to be liberal while paying the child / for the child…..
  • But it is an entirely different thing to pay a #fakeCase #FakeCriminalCase filing woman to get out easily and “move on” …
  • the more you feed fire, the more it grows
    this post is more to explain why we shouldn’t pay rather than point fingers or criticize…. There is enough criticism and complaint already ..but we need to think and evolve collectively …..there is NO other way

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