#Bangalore and every metro has 1000s of #fakeDV #fake498s. Who will stop them ?

every metro including #bangalore has 10s of 1000s of #FakeDV #fake498a but no one cares a damn… 1000s of men and elders have died and NO one cares a fart. Hardly any #fakeCase female has been jailed. Now, Just One night, and for a few hours, some / few women were probably #molested and we have 1000s of MEN and WOMEN and Dozens of #presstitutes agonizing and Crying over that… All Indian men and All Bangaloreans are being tarnished … The police and government are all being pulled up …. How do you think MEN will get any justice or any equality in this country ??? When will our men wake up ? when oh when ??


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