Female Model files MANY FAKE RAPE cases across country & still roaming free !!

This woman has filed MANY fake rape cases and is alleged to be trying to extort crores and crores from people !! She is roaming free… JUST now after many ALFAS got their arse in the trap, they are starting to check her claims !! If just poor / ordinary men are accused she would be happy filing more cases !!

Look at the very misleading headline below (which claims the model is in soup … !! ) while she is happily filing case after case !!


Mumbai: Series of fake rape and molestation cases lands model in soup

Source and news credits : http://m.mid-day.com/articles/model-lands-in-soup-for-series-of-fake-rape-and-molestation-cases-mumbai-news/17864168

By  Shiva Devnath | Posted  27-Dec-2016

Mumbai poolice has said that the Haryana-based models’ victims were mostly political leaders and government officials
The woman who filed the fake cases


A Haryana-based model has come under the scanner for filing a series of fake rape and molestation cases across the country. Besides political leaders and government officials, she had also levelled charges against cops.

BJP leader conned
BJP youth leader Chirag Gupta, the woman’s latest victim, said she had been trying to extort Rs 5 crore from him. In her complaint against Gupta, filed in April this year, the woman said she had met the BJP leader through a matrimony site and Gupta had promised to marry her.

The woman said she later found out he was married and filed a rape case against him. Gupta, however, says he met the woman through a social networking website after she said she and her mother, Ishwar, were also BJP workers.

“Gupta’s wife filed a complaint against her at our police station. When I called her for investigations, she reported it to the DCP alleging I had sexually harassed and threatened her. An enquiry was set up against me. But, when I assured the DCP that I hadn’t met her, the enquiry was dropped,” said API Shivaji Bade, from Kurla PS.

Inspector Vidyanand Dahiya; (right) BJP youth leader Chirag Gupta

Multiple fake cases
An RTI has revealed that the woman had also filed similar cases against various government officials across the country. She accused a Haryana forest officer, Vilas Fogat, of rape. She also filed a rape case against Vidyanand Dahiya, inspector of Hisar Civil Line police station, as he was the investigation a case against her.

The woman said nobody had any proof against her. “Law is made to help women and I am doing what the law says,” she said.


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