Some cases denying maintenance to  erring or deserting wives

I have received this is the forward from the WhatsApp group and I’m sharing it here… I have not personally checked these judgements 

Readers are requested to exercise caution
1) No maintenance on false cruelty and harassment allegations, SC CASE NO.:Appeal (crl.) 1059 of 2003, Deb Narayan Halder Vs.Smt. Anushree Halder 
2) No alimony to wife who deserted her husband. (SC) Uphold decision of HC Punjab and Haryana. Revision petition Dismissed. Hbl JJ V. S. Sirpurkar and Sudarshan Reddy, Order on 16-11-2009, SPL CRL MP No (s) 18899, Poonam Vs Mahender Kumar. 
3) Wife living separate troubled in family no maintenance. (HC Madras), Hbl J. P. R. Shiva Kumar, order on 22-02-2008, Crl. R. C. No. 1491 of 2005, Marimuthu Vs Janaki. Citation No. AIR 2003 Mad 212; I (2003) DMC 799; (2003) I MLJ 752. 
4) No maintenance to wife who left her husband. (HC Mumbai), Hbl V. R. Kingaonkar J., order on 08-04-2008, Cri R.A. 226 of 2002, Sanjay Sudhkar Bhosle Vs Khristina. Citation No. 2008 (2) Bom. C.R. (Cri) 467. 
5) No maintenance to deserted wife who denied to live with husband. (HC Gujarat), Hbl G. L. Gupta J., order on 22-01-1999, Crl. Rev. No. 179 of 1997, Crl P. C. 2 of 1974 S. 125, Bheeka Ram Vs Goma Devi & Ors.Citation No. 1999 CRLJ 1789. 
6) Wife deserted her husband, no maintenance. (HC Mumbai), Hbl R. S. Mohite J. , order on 04-02-2005, Meena Dinesh Parmar Vs Dinesh H. Parmar. Citation Nos. AIR 2005 Bom 298; 2005 (4) Bom CR 672; 2005 (2) Mh LJ 305.


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