Husband arrested. Elders untraced. All for the SIN of marrying !! Sethiathope, TamilNadu

a husband has been arrested and his parents have gone missing AFTER an ablaa nari, woman just complained…. yes JUST complained that she is being harassed for dowry

Please note that there seems to have been NO TRIAL, NO evidence, inquiry or arguments, NO process of legal remedy available to the accused (as disclosed in this news)

However the husband is in the cooler , JUST on the words of a woman !!

this is the fate of young married men in India

======== brief, NO recourse translation / free translation ======

Sethiathope, Tamil Nadu.

Husband arrested by police based on his wife’s “dowry” complaint

Mr Pandiyan’s daughter Renuka (29 years old), from Thondamanaththam Village, Near Sethiathope, had married 32 year old Bharathi in June. Renuka (the wife) claims that she was harassed / tortured for dowry within 10 days of marriage by mother in law, father in law and brother in law. She had complained at the nearby Sethiathope ALL WOMAN’s police station, who registered a case and arrested the husband. They police are searching for the rest !!




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