there is enough money in the banks !!

  1. there is ENOUGH MONEY in the banks. In fact there is a lot more than normal times
  2. many ordinary people I have spoken to are SUPPORTING Shri Modi Ji and his initiative. They are facing hardship (or shortage of change) with a smile . They are innovating and continuing with their lives. the milk man, the sabzi man have all adopted
  3. The real poor do NOT have that much cash to worry about
  4. Many poor have started using bank based payment apps / transfer apps …there are 100s of videos doing rounds. Many have just maintained notebooks to collect larger amounts once in 2 / three days
  5. the corrupt sleaze bags and black money hoarders are sucking 100s / 50s – small denom. out of the system (especially ATM) using paid help and this should stop. this is added burden to country, banks and delaying honest people (longer queues)
  6. there is NO limit to legally earned money being deposited in bank
  7. there is NO limit to legally owned gold
  8. 2.5 lakhs limit and 500 gms etc are for UNACCOUNTED !! wealth …in my humble opnion that is VERY liberal considering it is un accounted in the first place … in many countries IF you are found with half a kilo of un accounted gold, you will behind bars
  9. In tamil Nadu they are saying andhra has taken all the cash… in Andhra pradesh they are saying something else . In each state there is some twist …so don’t trust #presstitutes
    I AM NOT SUPPORTING ANY POLITICO, but we should work for our country’s improvement / development

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