How can you EVER ask about a wife’s responsibilities ?? when Hon, Mantri Maneka ji got angry !!

The Honorable Mantri Ji Smt Maneka ji was talking questions …. However there were some questions that were beyond “accepted” !! …. and here is one example !!

Question : Hello Maam, There cannot be right without responsibility, Rights of Married women is defined but what are her responsibility be it Legal or Moral. Can I have detail reply on this..? #AskManeka

Answer by Hon. Mantri Ji : How can you even ask a question like this ? Do you expect responsibilities to be defined. Should we say , making beds but not cooking …. ???? Looking after the children , but not the husband….. ???? Not working out of the house ??? Sleeping till six am and not longer…. ???? A married woman does a huge amount , it is her strength and resilience that often keep a family going. Defining responsibilities would only limit her

so …henceforth DO NOT ASK what your wife can do for you or your family…. just work hard to serve her !!



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