Do you want common civil code ?

Common civil code
Q: Are you for common civil code ?
A: YES. I’m fore common civil code
Q: You Hindu ? Is that why you want common civil code ?
A: I’m a male. I want common civil and criminal code (laws) for MEN and WOMEN …. I want same benefits and punishments for both genders …. I’m for true equality … any further questions ????

3 thoughts on “Do you want common civil code ?

  1. gursharn

    Looks like you have not study UCC proposed carefully. Please read again and understand the motive behind.

    Well you dont need to read in between lines, it is clearly written that the objective of UCC is to make law more female friendly. In short it back door entry of IrBM or we can say a step toward IrBM ... .so if you wish to say YES ... for UCC .... ... be ready to the risk involved.



  2. Meera Singh

    Yes We want a Common Civil Code. If No CCC, then no Common Criminal code should be allowed! We want One Nation One Law!


  3. Vincent Chirayath

    Dear Author/Friends…
    The Common/Uniform Civil Code (UCC) envisaged by the Law Commission is NOT for Equality (Art. 14 of the Constitution) between the Sexes (Men and Women) as YOU dream of. It is for Equality among ALL Men irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion and similarly Equality among ALL Women, respectively. This is the Law Commission Technique to give SPECIAL Privileges to Women only. This is a Method of Back Entry for Special Laws for Women, discriminating Men from Women – just think of the DV Act 2005; IPC 498a; CrPC 125 (Maintenance) for example. We MEN should not live in “Fools’ Paradise” because the the Law-makers and Law-enforcers are Conservative Indian Males thinking of their Female Mothers and Daughters only and not of their WIFE who would MISUSE ALL these LAWS made in favour of Indian Feminist Women. If YOU have NOT learned from the Past, YOU will NEVER learn in Future also how BACK-DOOR Entry of Laws are made in India, Sweet-coating the Bitter Pills for Indian Men. THIS is just VOTE-Bank Politics of the PRESENT Rulers of India.
    In fact, WE Men should compel the Present Day Rulers to DELETE the Utopian Art. 44 of the Indian Constitution which will create Havoc on Religious Lines, creating Panic among the Religious and Other Minority Communities in India who are Guaranteed their Minority Rights in Other Articles of the Indian Constitution. If UCC is enforced, what will happen to Minority Rights and SC/ST Rights Guaranteed in the Indian Constitution??? The Present Family Laws (of Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Succession, etc.) allow Room for Minority/SC/ST Practices prevalent among them. Should WE throw these to Winds and create MORE Anarchy in India and DIVIDE India, even Causing CIVIL Wars as happening among the Many African Nations??? Just DO NOT Jump on the Band-wagon of the Utopian/Ideal UCC which is NOT PRACTICAL in India’s MUCH Boasted “UNITY in DIVERSITY” which is the ONLY Practical Solution in the Present Day India. I am a Secular, Practical and Practicing Advocate/Lawyer working for Men’s Rights in India for many years. Let us MEN spend OUR Energy and Resources to have Equality of Laws irrespective of the Sex (Male/Female) among the Indians. The Present Day ‘Hue and Cry’ over UCC is just a Diversionary Tactics FUNDED by Indian and International FEMINISTS, over-powering the Present Day Rulers influenced by Hindu Militancy as their Ideology and VOTE-Bank Politics.
    Adv. V. CHIRAYATH (Thrissur/Kerala)



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