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DIL files fake dowry case. Police file IPC 182 to prosecute her !! HC tells her 2 face trial !! 

P&H HC: Surindra Kumari vs State Of Punjab 22/Sep/2016 

  • DIL filed dowry/498A against in-laws. After investigation; not only Police filed “B” Summary but also filed complaint against DIL & her mother under IPC 182 to prosecute them
  • Both rushed to HC to quash 182, HC said “Face the Trial” – Quashing dismissed

  • either the police were too honest, or there is something else in this case, but still a good one to read and enjoy !!!😀😀😀😀

IN THE HIGH COURT OF PUNJAB & HARYANA AT CHANDIGARH                                      

  Crl. Misc. No. M-33726 of 2016                           

  Date of decision : 22.09.2016

Surindra Kumari…… Petitioner
State of Punjab and another … Respondents
Present: Mr. Raghav Kapur, Advocate for the petitioner

The instant petition is for quashing of Report No. 47 dated 13.03.2016 Kalandra under Section 182 IPC registered at Police Station, Sangrur.

The few facts are necessary. The petitioner’s daughter was married to Jaswinder Pal in 2003. Trouble arose in the marriage but the couple managed to pull on and had children. The allegations were that there were demand of dowry and a complaint was lodged with the police. On 19.08.2014 the police investigated the matter and found the allegations and incidents to be wrong and filed a complaint under Section 182 IPC which has been challenged here on the grounds detailed in para 25 of the petition namely –

(a) The uncle of the husband of the petitioner’s daughter was influential.

(b) That a story had been concocted to mislead and misguide the investigation.

(c) The intention was to harass the petitioner and her family.

(d) The report had been filed to compel her to withdraw her petition filed under Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act.

(e) That the petitioner was old and was suffering from various diseases. Http://Vinayak.wordpress.com

Learned counsel for the petitioner had taken me through the report (Annexure P-3) lodged by the petitioner and I find that there is reference to an occurrence said to have taken place at 12.00 p.m. in the month of August 2014. The narration is in para 4 of the petition. The counsel had referred to the MLR (Annexure P-1) placed at page No. 22 which relates to August 2010. The counsel had then referred to Annexure P-2 which is OPD slip which is of April 2014.

The Kalandra is available. The police had found that the allegations made in the complaint were false. It is for the trial Court to examine and record a finding whether there was any truth in the allegations made in the complaint. Considering the principles laid down in State of Haryana and others Vs. Ch. Bhajan Lal and others, AIR 1992 SC 604, no case for quashing is made out.

The petition is dismissed.

September 22, 2016 





Government of India accepts that mother-in-law can file a DV Case on daughter-in-law

It is my considered view, that the system, wishes to increase the number of cases between members of the family, then sit back and enjoy…

 I do not think that the latest pronouncement by the Supreme Court that the domestic violence cases can be filed on women,will greatly benefit men 

It will open up, and facilitate, women filing more and more cases on other women, and even minors