Will this decision help MALE VICTIMS if domestic violence ??

my understanding of The recent domestic violence case that is being discussed about !! Kusum Harsora case
* A female files a DV case against her sisters, brother and sister-in-law ( AFAIK mother was also a copetitioner at some stage )
* matter goes to Mumbai High Court and later on the Supreme Court
* Honourable Supreme Court has finally said that a DV case can be filed against women BY women
* I see that this CASE will EASE the floodgates for daughter in laws filing DV case against sister in laws and other WOMEN or probably even MINORs related to the husband ( they were already filing such cases, however I feel the Supreme Court’s stamp of approval will make it easier)
* however MEN ARE STILL EXCLUDED from APPELLANTS filing a DV case
* so if his wife beats him, or is violent with him, or if his girlfriend beats him, he has no legal remedy under the DV act !!
* other than helping sisters file cases against sisters, or daughter filing cases against a mother, et cetera, I do not understand how this new ruling will help men in a great way ?
* yes it will increase the level of litigation, the courts will have more and more cases, and the lawyers will have more and more cases
* can someone please throw more light on this case? And HOW it will HELP men ?
Tejeinder Singh Suresh Ram Justin Case Deepak Dhabhai Ritwik Bisaria Ritesh Kumar Tiwari Kavariman Raja @Amit Amit Deshpande and others please comments and correct me where I am wrong

**** excerpts from web / news ****

The court further observed: “It is not difficult to conceive of a non-adult 16 or 17 year old member of a household, who can aid or abet the commission of acts of domestic violence, or who can evict or help in evicting or excluding from a shared household an aggrieved person. Also, a residence order, which may be passed under Section 19(1)(c) can get stultified if a 16 or 17-year-old relative enters the portion of the shared household in which the aggrieved person resides after a restraint order is passed against the respondent and any of his adult relatives.”


The decision is posted as the Next bloG post


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