The “Alimony slave”. New slavery in 21st century India !!

The #MoneyTrail and “Alimony slave”

History has seen men being enslaved at different times for different reasons. There were cotton picking slaves, plantation slaves, stone breaking slave labour and so on and so forth. While most such “old” forms of hard labour and slavery have gotten mechanized, or in some cases abolished, a new form of slavery, of men being “enslaved” just to meet their monthly “maintenance”, “spousal support” or “alimony” is on the rise. I am not sure IF the term “alimony slave” already exists. If it doesn’t it’s time to coin the term “#AlimonySlave”. There are numerous cases in India, where wives are granted #alimony even when wives have been proven to be guilty of cruelty and / or neglect ! In most cases in India, interim / ad-interim maintenance is levied on men much before the evidence and trial have even begun !! That means the man is FORCED TO PAY for just the sin of being married or being associated and no other fault. Men are forced to pay even if the woman is at fault ! Since such maintenance can run into 10s of 1000s per month (in one recent case we blogged a 100 thousand monthly maintenance !!), and alimony can be in #millions of rupees, men are forced to slog their b@11s off to keep paying the woman. Add this to the delay in lethargy in courts, the fear of arrest if money not paid, the men are turned into real slaves. With SIF and other sister organisations fighting against #fakeArrests #fake498a etc., #fakeArrest is on the wane. Its also becomming politically incorrect to arrest a man on false charges. So, the anti male industry had set its sights on man’s #efforts and #money !! the Honest, sincere hard working male is becoming a #slave !! The parasites are literally feeding on the man’s blood and sweat 😦

While there are 1000s of such cases, we give a few examples here due to paucity of time and resource

How a Child Prodigy lost entire youth fighting cases JUST bcaz of marriage! Madras HC Irretrievable b/down & Cruelty

did the family court REALLY pass an 1 crore alimony decree even though wife was cruel ?

I CAN’T live with a low paid Inspector says wife & still gets 10K p.m. moolah !!! P&H HC

Many cases of crores and crores alimony are comming to light like the one below

Wife gets 2 crores exparte order on US NRI & tries to attach, sell his house ! He runs to HC for setaside


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