Romanian females Loot Jewellery Across States, busted. They should’ve tried #fake498a! No punishment for #fakeCases & you get moolah !!

It’s been reported in Times of India that A Romanian gang of females came to India on a holiday and looted Jewellery stores !! they have been finally busted !!

Had these women married some bakras and filed #fake498a cases instead it would have been much better for them … they would have made much more money, garnered sympathy and there is NO punishment for females filing #fakeCases in India !!

>> news from TOI >>>>>>>>>>>

Romanian Gang Comes To India On A ‘Holiday’, Loots Jewellery Stores Across 3 States, Busted

romanian female gang

Navodayatimes ; The gang, which included four women, had arrived in India on July 12 on a tourist visa valid till September 2. The ring comprised Nistar (45), Vailuku Jainika Nikku (31), Vaidva Allen (20), Meeradalla Dumiju (34) Marigel Lorena (41), Jaitren Aayana (49) and Michal Shakilina (29). A team of Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Faridabad Commissionerate arrested them when they were leaving Faridabad on July 19.

All the seven accused are in the custody of Jaipur police pertaining to local jewellery shop heist. Soon after landing in India, they are learned to have hired a cab and headed towards Jaipur where they struck at a jewellery shop, making away with diamonds and gold jewellery. They went to Rewari after this and targeted another jewellery outlet running from shop-cum-residence.

BCCL/representative image

The gang then landed in Palwal on July 16 where they targeted a shop, followed by two shops in Jawahar Colony of Faridabad and one in Jhajjar district.

BCCL/representative image

“Our CIA team was chasing them following some inputs about their suspicious activities, and they were arrested from outer Faridabad. We first recovered the diamonds worth lakhs of rupees stolen from a Jaipur shop,” said Saran police station SHO Manmohan Singh.

Explaining their modus operandi, Singh said Nistar and his wife Marigel would first approach the shopkeeper with two more of their group and divert their attention while the other members quickly picked up jewellery and anything they could gather. The show owners saw them as prospective buyers as they were foreigners, and did not suspect them.

Originally Published In The Times of India



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