2007-Madras HC “tells police enforce Prevention of Begging Act”. 2016 same Madras HC tells Husband to Beg & Pay Maintenance !!!

Sharing yet another super post by Kavariman Raja

Mockery of Indian Courts

1) In 2007 the Madras HC Madurai Bench “tells police to enforce Prevention of Begging Act”
////MADURAI: In an attempt to eradicate the beggary menace, the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Monday directed the Police Department to strictly implement the Tamil Nadu Prevention of Begging Act, 1941. ///

2) In 2016 the same Madras HC Madurai Bench tells the Husband to Beg to Pay Maintenance (‘Jobless’ hubby told to beg to pay alimony – The New Indian Express – http://m.dailyhunt.in/news/india/english/the-new-indian-express-epaper-newexpress/jobless-hubby-told-to-beg-to-pay-alimony-newsid-55472329)


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