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#FakeGangRape case fails @ court. Victims NOT believable, Kept making improvements to their versions !!

#FakeGangRape case fails @ court. The court feels that the so called Victims are NOT believable & made improvements to their accusations! All accused are acquitted after a long # of years (almost 11 years) to reach the sessions court ! What about #fakeaccused’s dignity?

After a henous gang rape accusation, the so called victims come out and keep making embellishments and improvements. After some time, they claims that the police have implicated some other people and NOT the actual culprits!! However 23 prosecution witnesses are examnied and NONE of them implicate the (false) accused. The court also finds the testemony of some of the key witnesses and one of the so called victims, un reliable !! The Hon frees the (false) accused. But that leaves us with the BIG question as to (a) was there a Rape at all ? or is this a case of a completely #FAKERAPE like we hear often these days ?

Doubting the claims of the Prosecution witnesses and one of the victims, the court states “…I find myself in agreement with the submissions of Defence that there was no reason as to why the allegations of bribery and pressure were not brought out by them before Ld. Judge at Pilibhit who recorded their statement under Section 164 CrPC. This, to my mind, clearly indicates that plea of these witnesses of having been pressurised by concerned police officials of PS Madhotanda may be an afterthought and accordingly, their testimony cannot be said to be of ‘sterling’ quality and cannot be relied upon so as to convict the Accused persons on the basis thereof……”

The Hon court continues with many similar observations including “…From the testimony of PW­1 ‘MK’ it is also clear that the victim has given different versions regarding the number of assailants who allegedly came to their house on the night of incident in question. She also admitted that on 17­18.08.1998, the entire police staff of Madho Tanda was made to stand and she was asked to identify if anyone of them was involved in the incident. However, she could not pin point any assailant out of those officials. Though, the investigation is silent as to why a proper TIP was not conducted, yet it has been admitted by PW1 ‘MK’ that entire police staff of PS Madhotanda and other police officials of neighbouring police stations were made to stand and the victims were made to identify the assailants which they failed to do…..”

We are left with the very serious question as to “…What is happening to my beloved India ..”, and “..where will we end if FALSE RAPES” keep piling up

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