lawyer alleged 2 have raped wives of accused after implicating them in dreadful, fake cases !!

Lawyer Rapes And Blackmails Woman After Threatening To Implicate Husband In False Case

Rahul Mishra |Jun 30, 2016, 09:29AM IST


The victim who was sexually exploited
The victim who was sexually exploited

A chilling tale of exploitation of women has emerged from Jhansi and a famous lawyer of the city is a major accused in it. A woman has alleged that lawyer Chandrashekhar Shukla raped and sexually exploited her after threatening to implicate her husband in a false case.

The victim has accused the lawyer of exploiting many of his clients’ wives. People involved in dreadful cases used to be an easy prey for Shukla. Many of his clients’ sent their wives to him in order to save themselves from long prison sentences.
A case of rape has been registered against the advocate and his friend Deepak Leekhdhari in Seepri Bazar prison.
As per the victim, her husband had approached Shukla regarding a case associated with a temple. During the case, her husband once called the lawyer from his wife’s telephone. As soon as the wily lawyer learnt that it was a lady’s number, he started harassing her and used to call her at odd hours.
Moreover, he threatened to implicate her husband in a false case if the woman didn’t accept his demands. In order to display his power, he sent the woman’s husband’s brother to jail in a fake case.
The victim further said that the lawyer’s threats and action created a fear in her heart and she bowed to his demands. It was then that the lawyer and his friend raped her and made a MMS. She was even blackmailed and forced to make sexual relations with many strangers.
Shukla used to threaten his clients’ with dire consequences if they didn’t pay heed to his illegal demands.
Tired of consistent exploitation, the woman approached the police. A report was filed against both the accused and the cops even arrested one of them.
The case points to the corruption in our system where vulnerable people, especially women easily fall in the clutches of powerful criminals.

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