Dowry case on NINE of husband’s family, 4 years after marriage & a MALE kid. Case filed 1000 KM away !!

All it takes to book nine people in a CRIMINAL case in India is a phone call or a few lines from the wife !! A wife can lift the phone call the toll free and “voila” the husband and his family are “booked”

A CRIMINAL case has been registered on NINE people from the husband’s family , JUST based on a complaint an a well qualified engineer wife working @ Hyderabad, 1000 KM away!!! . Conveniently the case has been booked at theni, Tamil Nadu, while the husband is (also) working at Hyderabad !

Free translation of the news as follows. 

Theni, Tamil Nadu, June 27 2016 : A case has been registered against NINE people of the husband’s family based on a complaint by the wife, on Sunday, June 26th 2016 (please note that the news says Sunday !! so obviously this is a 24 x 7 service available !!)

PonmaNi, (aged approx 25) , daughter of Swaminathan from Periyakulam, married Surendran (27) son of Sundaramurthy from ThiruvaNNamalai in 2012. They have a male child. Ponmani an Engineering graduate !!, and Surendran are working in a private company at Hyderabad

In the meanwhile, Ponmani preferred a complaint with the Theni district inspector of police, stating that her husband and family are torturing her for dowry. The police have registered a case NINE people from Surendran’s (husband’s )  family !!

It is pertinent to note that the husband and wife in question (PonmaNi and Surendran) are living a a city approx 1000 KM from the place of complaint !! and God know how 9 people reached there to torture the woman !! (Theni Tamil Nadu to Hyderabad Telangana)

Screen shot and news source are give below :

source :

Screenshot - 27_06_2016 , 08_56_45



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