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DV case against retired Sergent of Indian Army! Wife digs for a written apology where NONE exists !!

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Appeal No. CIC/CC/A/2014/003076

Appellant:                           Smt. Shobita P.S.,      
C/o P.K. Sreedharan,
Lakshmi Sadan A­10,
PCM New Colony,
Kanjikode (West),
Palakkad­678623, Kerala.

Respondent:                   Central Public Information Officer, HQ WAC, IAF,    RTI Cell,  Subroto Park,   New Delhi ­ 110010.

Date of Hearing:                     22.02.2016

Date of Decision:                    22.02.2016


RTI application

  1. The   appellant   filed   an   RTI   application   dated   15.7.2014   seeking  information/document about written apology rendered by her husband Ex­ Sgt Dipu N.  The  CPIO responded on 19.8.2014.  The appellant filed first appeal dated 5.9.2014 with the first  appellate authority (FAA).   The FAA responded on 7.10.2014.  The appellant filed a second  appeal on 15.12.2014 with the Commission. Hearing
  2. The   appellant   participated   in   the   hearing   through   video   conferencing.     The  respondent submitted a written statement after the hearing.

  3. The appellant stated that her husband retired from service in August, 2012.  She has  filed a Civil Suit in the Court, Palakkad for domestic violence and criminal suit to seek  protection   and   relief.     The   appellant   stated   that   in   this   background,   she   through   RTI  application, was seeking a certified copy of written apology rendered by her husband.

  4. The respondent has informed in writing that records held with public authority  indicate that no written apology from appellant’s husband Ex­ Sgt Dipu N. is on record with  them.  Hence the same cannot be provided.  The respondent stated that they replied to the  appellant, vide letter dated 9.8.2014.


  1. No intervention by the Commission is called for.              

The appeal is disposed of.  Copy of this order be given free of cost to the   parties.

(Radha Krishna Mathur)
Chief Information Commissioner

Authenticated true copy ( Prakash ) Deputy Registrar