10 % NRI marriages troubled. Is it easier 2 MILK NRI threatening them of arrest etc ?

More NRI brides file dowry cases

Published Jun 19, 2016, 1:07 am IST
Updated Jun 19, 2016, 7:46 am IST
10 per cent of NRI marriages troubled, cops attribute this to lack of background checks, cultural problems.
The education of the girl, caste and employment status also affect the amount of dowry demanded.

 The education of the girl, caste and employment status also affect the amount of dowry demanded.


Hyderabad: More cases of dowry harassment involving NRI brides are being reported of late. Police attributes this to the lack of proper background check of grooms, and brides being unable to adjust with the cultural differences after after marriage.

According to the police, out of around 100 NRI marriages every year, at least 10 per cent are troubled. The CID issues look-out circulars against persons who are accused in dowry harassment cases, which enables them to nab the accused when he lands at any international airport.

As many as 27 LOCs were issued in Telangana till April this year. Officials from the Crime Investigation Department, who investigate NRI-related dowry harassment cases, say that in addition to demanding extra dowry, there are many others reasons leading to harassment. In most of the cases, lack of adjustment to the local situation and lack of family support act as triggers.

Parents of Indian brides accept NRI grooms without background checks on his education, job and other issues.  “Many such grooms after marriage are found to be either jobless or have exaggerated facts to the bride’s family. A few people who are already married abroad marry a second time and take the girl to do household chores,” said and official from the CID.

For many parents, their son being abroad is an additional reason to demand more dowry. The education of the girl, caste and employment status also affect the amount of dowry demanded.

“Parents look at dowry as an option to recover  the money they have spent on their son’s education abroad. In the recent past, harassment cases have involved grooms who are highly educated,” he said.

Police says parents should not believe blindly in what the man or his family says, and should do a background check before accepting the proposal. Girls marrying NRI men also should be aware of the cultural and social differences between India and overseas, they said.

He said NRI men also face harassment when their wives fail to adapt to foreign lands and threaten them with police cases.




http://www.deccanchronicle.com /nation/crime/190616/ more-nri-brides-file-dowry-cases-in- hyderabad.html


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