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Thane nurse files fake kidnapping & rape, exposed by CCTV footage. Says she was frustrated so filed rape case !!  

A woman  conveniently filed a fake kidnapping and rape case on an autorickshaw driver and his friends…

When police checked the CCTV footagethat area they did not see any autorickshaw.

The woman when medically checked was found not to have been raped.

Finally at the police stationshe accepted that she has filed a false case because she was frustrated !!

Thane nurse files a fake rape, kidnapping complaint
1. The investigation into a rape and kidnapping case registered by a 26-year-old nurse led Naupada police to uncover the truth behind filing the complaint.

  1. The nurse, who worked with a Thane-based hospital, had filed a complaint with Naupada police claiming that she was kidnapped and raped by an autorickshaw driver and two others. In her complaint, she mentioned that the accused had used chloroform on her before assaulting and raping her.

  2. After the incident, the nurse narrated the incident to her husband and the couple together approached Naupada police to file a complaint on Friday.

  3. When cops began investigation by checking the CCTV footage from the area, they failed to see any rickshaw on the route. Later, when the woman was taken to Thane civil hospital for a test, doctors revealed that the woman was not raped.

  4. When she was taken to the police station for further questioning, she confessed that she had concocted the tale because she was frustrated in life. She also admitted that she had inflicted the wounds on her body with her own fingernails. Meanwhile, cops are investigating all possible angles and are in the process of booking the nurse for misleading the police and filing a false complaint