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Learned Advocate of Honorable Madras HC killed by wife & her paramour using “supari” gang.

Learned Advocate of Honorable Madras HC killed by wife and her paramour with the help of “supari” gang. On police questioning, using cell phone records, wife admits to using “paid” killers to finish of Learned Lawyer husband who was a hindrance to her “love” life

Screen shots of Tamil news enclosed

Is MGTOW good enough ? Won’t they catch u with false rape ?? 

some brothers have been telling me that delaying marriage / MGTOW – sanyaas – brahmachari life isn’t good enough and men will be hit with false rape cases … While I see False rape as a threat, I respectfully disagree on the possibility of large number of unconnected men being hit with FALSE rape. In short the false rape industry will not replace the false DV, False 498a industry any time soon …. Even in India, most of false rape is BF / GF stuff, illicit love stuff and very little with complete strangers (outright extortion of outsiders) . Also, While false rapes is theoritically possible against ANY one, there are LOTS of differences, serious differences between false dowry and false rape. Here are a few… Would be nice to know your views ..=====================

  1. Government actively talk AGAINST false rape. Rape #s spoil the govt name, so gvots are with men when we fight AGAINST false rape …. NOT so in case of false dowry … I see this as an IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE. 
  2. Courts regularly order / decree against FALSE rape cases. NOT so frequently against false DV, 498a

  3. rape cases need lots of forensic evidence … unless you have sent your missile in, IF U R MGTOW, you are safe from forensics …. NOT so in false dowry …. for FALSE DV, DOWRY 

  4. there is NO maintenance, interim maintenance against false rape !! so the moment you are hones, haven’t touched her, the moment you decide to fight the opposition will run 

  5. MANY more such important differences exist … at least as of today 

I repeat : be VERY VERY careful of marriage, and if possible SHUN marriage, IT IS A GAMBLE

Would be nice to know your views ..

I’m adding the following edits to remove confusions : 

  • I see forensics being used in Asaram Bapu’s case, in Uber taxi rape case, the the UP two sisters rape case etc etc… links posted below to avoid duplication 

  • some ppl tell me Rape cases are AS EASY as dialling for Pizza … well IF that is so,.. too bad !! 😦

  • One person also mentioned NON penile penetrations … well in my opinion, IF you have ANY romantic / sexual relationship with a woman, IF YOU GO NEAR a female for sex / romance you are dead !!!! …so