here comes the independant, self reliant women of India !!

Look NO further, here comes the independent, self reliant women of India !!

Legally, Indian men have to pay women through out their lives ….still women are called independent and Indian men called the “oppressors”, the chauvinist pigs” and what NOT !!

Just look at what the law mandates !

  • Till she’s married her father has to provide for her.
  • After marriage husband has to provide for her.
  • If husband is mentally unsound, or incapacitated, she can even claim money from husband’s ancestral property.
  • If she has a son, she can sue him and claim maintenance as well.
  • This is the LAW in india !!
  • Lifelong alimony is also the law, and the norm in India.
  • The law will NOT ask a woman to either educate herself, or work for herself.

  • However Indian women are called independent, self-sufficient, and Indian males are often called the oppressors !!


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