wife dead, 5 of family behind bars for 2 years. they seek narcoanalysis test on themselves to prove their innocence!! 

Marriage is a gamble. Marriage is such a terrible gamble , that you’re not only gambling with your own life,your own money, your sanity and well being, in many cases you’re also gambling with the lives of your near and dear ones. 
In this case because a young woman is dead, five members of the husband’s family have been arrested. Not only have they been arrested, they are behind bars for almost 2 years now…!!! God only knows, how long they will be kept locked up, without their case even being completely tried.

They tried seeking permission for narcoanalysis test to prove that innocence. The lower Court even projected that. Now they have to move to high court to somehow get the permission to test themselves to prove their own innocence…

What a pathetic state of affairs

+++++ news from TOI +++++

To prove innocence, an entire family to undergo narco-analysis

TNN | 17 mins ago

(Representative Image)

Ahmedabad: Seeking to establish their innocence, five members of a family have sought narco-analysis. The Gujarat high court recently granted the family members’ plea for narco-analysis at the Forensic Science Laboratory. The applicants who have been charged of domestic violence and murder of daughter-in-law, want to prove their innocence.

All five member of the family have claimed alibi that they were not at home in Sardarnagar when Preeti Vanjani died on May 10, 2014. When police investigators did not accept their claims and put them behind bars, they sought further probe.

The trial court rejected their appeal for further investigation and narco-analysis test. However, Justice GB Shah of the high court has allowed them to undergo the test. The court has also directed the investigating officer to submit the test report to the trial court.

In this case, Vinod Vanjani, his mother Ashaben, brother Gulab, sister Soniben and her husband Ghanshyam Mangtani are in jail for allegedly killing Preeti. They approached the trial court for further probe on various counts including performing the truth-serum test so that they could probe how they were not at home when Preeti allegedly committed suicide. The trial court turned down their plea on the ground that the accused do not have any right to intervene in the course of investigation and that the burden of proving alibi lies on the accused and they cannot shift it on to the investigating officer. The trial court ruled that the accused persons can place their evidence at the stage of trial and also that the finding of narco analysis test are not evidence in itself.

The family then moved the high court, where their advocate SK Bagga referred to the Supreme Court’s order in Dr Purushottam Soni’s case, who sought brain mapping test on himself to prove his innocence. The HC modified the lower court’s order by ruling that narco-analysis test is always meant to aid police investigation.

Family’s plea based on Dr Soni case

Dr Purushottam Soni was implicated in the murder of his wife Dr Shiela Soni. He claimed that he was falsely implicated to save a minister. To prove his innocence, he approached the Supreme Court in 2010 with a plea to have the brain fingerprinting test conducted on him. The SC said that he should be permitted to give evidence in any form – whether it be in the form of oral deposition before court or in the form of scientific nature like that of brain mapping test. To deprive him of such a right would tantamount to violation of his fundamental rights. When the trial took place the court had acquitted Soni.



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