Married 2nd time, Man hit with dowry case by lecturer wife !!

Men do NOT learn…. Even if the first marriage fails, ends in a divorce, men sing the NAWALT (not all women are like that ) song, or “It wont happen to me” song and run to get married the second time. For some its social pressure, for some its the urge for sex, but for many, the second marriage ends in great misery !!

Here is one such case where a guy who got married a second time is being threatened with criminal action within 2 years of second marriage !! If the wife’s statements are to be studied, there was trouble from day 1 !(of this marriage)

It’s just a wonder that men do NOT learn, men JUST DO NOT learn how big a gamble this marriage is matrimonial laws have become anti male and how one can mess up one’s own pleasant life with just that one stupid move !!

news from TOI, forwarded for the reader’s benefit !!


Lecturer accuses techie husband, in-laws of dowry harassment

TNN | May 14, 2016, 07.57 AM IST

Noida: A 32-year-old woman working as a lecturer in a Greater Noida engineering college has accused her techie husband of dowry harassment and mistreatment. A resident of Agra, the woman lives in Noida while her husband is based in Meerut. The woman on Friday met Vishwajit Srivastava, SP (crime) Noida, and registered a police complaint.

Pushpa Sharma (name changed) had an arranged marriage with Mohit Sharma (name changed) on July 6, 2014. The families had come in contact through a matrimonial advertisement in a newspaper.

The woman alleged that her husband and in-laws had started demanding dowry from Day 1. “They started mistreating me when the demands were not met,” she said.

The woman said that after marriage she stayed for a week at her husband’s place in Meerut. She returned to her parents’ place and then to Noida for work. She said her husband never came to meet her or take her to Meerut.

She said that during her stay in Meerut, her in-laws confined her inside the house. The woman’s mother said the family had sold land and given dowry besides managing all the wedding expenses.

“My in-laws started demanding more dowry and resorted to physical and mental torture when the demands were not met,” the woman said. She said she had reported her ordeal to the National Commission for Women (NCW), where her husband allegedly submitted a letter saying that he and his wife were willing for a mutual divorce. Incidentally, the marriage with Pushpa is the second for Mohit, who had revealed to her before the marriage that he was a divorcee.When contacted, Mohit denied the allegation of dowry harassment. He told TOI that the issue was with the NCW. “The NCW is looking into the mater. So I wouldn’t comment on it,” he said.

SP Vishwajit Srivastava said the complaint has been forwarded to the women police cell. “The case will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken,” he said.

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