We need a Marital Rape law NOW! This husband raped his wife with cameras & mobile tracking!

Techie traps cheating wife, gets divorce

Preethi Ravi | Bangalore Mirror Bureau | May 8, 2016, 09.37 AM IST

COUPLEBengaluru: A 31-year-old software engineer from the city was sure that his wife was having an affair. But every time he confronted her, she would deny it. He eventually put his skills to use and proved her infidelity. The couple was recently granted divorce.

In February 2015, the man first got suspicious when he saw a cigarette butt in the corner of his house. But when this and several such incidents were vehemently denied by his wife, he decided to track her activities and get solid evidence.

Towards the end of February, he placed a camera behind the clock in the living room. For the first few months, he didn’t find anything unusual. He then went on to attach two more cameras at different angles in the living room. He also synced his wife’s phone to his laptop by installing relevant applications and a remote server.

“By mid-July, he could track his wife’s conversations. He found a voice clip in which his wife had called her boyfriend over and asked him to carry contraceptives,” recalled a mediator from the Bangalore Mediation Centre (BMC). The hidden cameras also caught the two having sex: first in the kitchen and then in the bedroom, and all the while their three-year-old daughter was asleep in the bedroom next door. In August 2015, the husband filed for a divorce and the case was referred to the BMC.

The mediator said: “The couple had lost trust in each other since it was certain that the wife had committed adultery. As the wife was clearly guilty, she agreed to the divorce terms and also granted the child’s custody to the husband. The matter was resolved mutually.” According to the mediator, there is an increase in adultery cases: “While some couples choose to stay in the marriage despite the affair, some prefer to walk out.”


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