filing a dowry case is like ordering pizza .. err.. it’s easier as you don’t have to pay !!

Filing a dowry case is as like easier than ordering pizza ! Yes, the women can say what they want and she does NOT have to even pay ! Recently toll free lines have been added !!

Here is ONE MORE dowry case on ONE MORE fine morning, when ONE MORE wife says her husband demanded dowry

God knows the truth !!

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Freepress Journal

In-laws demand Rs 10L as dowry for jobless son

BHOPAL : A woman filed a case against her in-laws accusing them of harassing her for dowry of Rs 10 lakh on Tuesday. The couple got married just before 8 months, while after a few days of marriage she left her in laws home because of dowry harassment.

According to Mahila Police Station sources, 28-year-old Shalini Kaushik, daughter of Balvant Singh, lives at Bairagarh. Her Father is an employee of Beej Nigam. She married Engineer Chandresh Pal, resident of Gulmohar. She mentioned in her complaint that her marriage was solemnised in June 2015. After a few days of marriage, her husband, father-in-law Shubhash Chandra Pal and mother-in-law Usha started torturing her for dowry. They said that their son is an engineer and dowry of Rs 6 lakh was not enough for an engineer, and told Shalini to bring Rs 10 lakh more in dowry. Shalini mentioned that her husband is an engineer but he was jobless and also mentally disturbed. She was beaten by him and threatened of murder if she filed any case against his family.


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