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how dare you call her mad ? take your wife back home & live with her.Nagpur Court flays husband !

The couple’s marriage was solemnized May 31, 2010, but hubby alleged that he met directly with wife after marriage and had no occasion to know her behaviour. They went to Karmazari for honeymoon, but she refused to establish physical relationship and stayed lonely all through. She was behaving abnormally since first day of marriage and refused to do regular household chores. The husband claimed that his consent for marriage was obtained by playing fraud.

However the court REFUSED to believe the husband’s version !!

The court flayed the man for making imaginary allegations against wife that she is suffering from bipolar disorder and refused to consummate the marriage. "It appears that the petitioner made attempts to avoid the marriage compelling wife to live at her parental home. He withdrew from her company in August 2010. Therefore, the wife is entitled to decree of restitution of conjugal rights," the court said.

The court also decreed maintenance in favour of the wife