Daily Archives: March 13, 2016

How party in person and “appearance” is killing husbands and elders.

How party in person and "appearance" is killing husbands and elders. Why is appearance required when proof affidavits and written statements have been introduced ?

There are thousands of husbands travelling 100s of KM and in some cases 500 km each date to attend court cases.

This party in person and "MandaTory appearance" business is literally killing them. Even in non family court cases seeking exemption of appearance takes time.

Women regularly frustrate husbands by seeking transfer of cases to their native places just to make the husbands run around

When the concept of "proof affidavit" and "written statements" have been introduced, husbands and elders should be exempted from appearance except for cross-examination and / or counselling.

The rest of the activity should be achieved either by written depositions which can be sent by courier or speed post & in extreme cases it should be acceptable for the husband to appear by video conferencing.

This will help thousands of people.

This request should be spread to all the groups fighting for judicial reform.