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Why LIFETIME alimony in india ??

In most parts of the civilised world alimony is time bound. In those truly equal countries It does NOT OPEN for women to claim alimony by sitting idle at home for ever and ever. They have to get out and work, they have to get out and learn things themselves . However lifetime alimony is the norm in India !! YES I repeat it is the NORM. Once married, the wife need NOT seek employment or education, she can sit back and expect the husband to provide everything for her

Many people fighting usurious alimony and maintenance cases in India have been quite un successful. The biggest problem in India is that the “system” and commission agents benefit if and only if men pay maintenance and / or alimony.... The “system” and middle men do not benefit if Indian women are made really independent, if Indian women are made really equal and capable of earning for themselves ….

So the loot in the name of LIFETIME alimony and lifetime maintenance goes on in spite of thousands of suicides by married man …. Approx 80000 every year

PS :  Since we face these questions day in and day our, we have blogged many cases where alimony is denied. Here is a link to the same  : 30 cases of maintenance denied or lowered

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