Lady Doc wid 7 boyfriends, goes n sex & sexting spree, now complains husband harassing her !! :-)

A lady doctor with lot of money (and probably spare time and energies) seems to have had at least seven boyfriends she picked up thru social media and other sources. She has stayed with them and texted and sex texted them continuously on whatsapp etc etc. Then she goes and marries one fool who proposed to her !!  Now after marriage she has filed a case on that husband, saying the husband is harassing her !! Police and everyone seem to believe her, because AFTER ALL she is a woman and poor thing !!

Now that so called husband seems to be missing and god knows IF he is dead or alive !!

>>>>>>>> news from Bangalore mirror >>>>>>>>>>>>>


bangalore mirror

Doctor at top hospital goes on sexting spree, gets blackmailed by her own hubby

By Hemanth Kashyap, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jan 9, 2016, 11.22 PM IST

When 26-year-old Deepti Nair, hailing from Kerala, shifted to Bengaluru, after finishing her masters in medicine, she was bowled over by the comforts the city provided: a plum job with a prestigious hospital with Rs 35 lakh annual package, a duplex home at Koramanagala and a huge friends’ circle. Single, she roamed around with friends, and widened her friendship by hooking into social networking sites. Soon the network grew beyond the limit and she started having sexual chats with many.

That was the beginning of trouble. According to police, by her own admission, she even spent days with some of them at various places. Soon, some of her ‘pals’ started demanding more from her and it was then she realised that life was on the verge of a precipice.

Just to save herself, she married a person — Sharath Kumar, a manager with a marketing firm in Vijaynagar — so that she could fend off others.

“She is from a good family, but she wanted to have more male friends. She started making friends on Facebook and almost all were male friends. She became close to her male friends and she started texting them a lot. It continued on Whatsapp and Facebook and finally she started having affair with seven boys and she did sex chats with all of them regularly for months. In between, she also reportedly met few of them and spent days with them. When some of them realised she has lot of money, they started asking for money by blackmailing her,” a police officer said.

It was then Sharath Kumar (who was very close to Deepti) came forward and proposed her. Just to avoid all others, she agreed and got married in a temple. According to police, Deepti narrated her story or ordeal to senior counsellors in Vanitha Sahayavani, a child-women helpline.

Everything went smoothly till her husband started asking her for money and when she refused, he threatened her to make public all the sex chats with other men and some of the private pictures they had. She gave him some money and when she couldn’t tolerate his blackmailing, she lodged a complaint with the police. She also contacted Vanitha Sahayavani with the help of a senior police officer. “Yes, the case has come before us. She has suffered a lot and she knows her mistake. Soon after her wedding, her husband started harassing her. Now, we have spoken to her and she has narrated the ordeal. We have also called her husband,” Rani Shetty, chief co-ordinator, Vanitha Sahayavani at police commissioner’s office, said. According to police, Sharath Kumar has been called for counselling, but he has not appeared yet. He is missing, said another police officer.




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