Is chastity meant only for law books and alimony cases ?

IS CHASTITY meant ONLY for the law books and alimony cases or is it a key cultural element and essential bond in marital relationships ?

Today I read on FB ( logic less Indian page ) about a woman who has had MANY boyfriends, before marriage a female who has probably had everything before marriage, marrying a guy who some how accepts all her scr3wng around and cooks and cleans for her.

The surprising thing is tons of male and female feminists and manginas are drooling all over the story and praising this.

So where are we now ?
* A society that says you are a man so take ALL shit,
* courts that say YOU MAN , you deflowered a woman, you took away her NON existent virginity and so you pay ALIMONY FOR LIFE?

How did we reach here and how did we manage it so fast ? Are we ( as Indian men, ) so crazy that we can hold our horses and will get married to any one ?? will most Indian men forgive our own mother if she roamed around with boyfriends and did all this nonsense ? Don’t we take pride in our culture ? If we will NOT forgive our own mothers for such behavior , for we call ourselves cultured, why should we have a different yardstick for the ultra modern ablaa ??


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