Common answer to all who say ‘I want to file divorce or RCR’

Common answer to all those MEN who ask me ‘…. Can I file divorce … ‘ , ‘… Can I file RCR … ‘ etc

Three essential rules MEN need to follow for your peace of mind

1. IF you are a MAN, Don’t get married

2. If u already got suckered i.e. if you’ve got married, don’t go to court as far as possible. If your wife has gone to court, police etc., Fight back wife’s cases diligently and sincerely but don’t initiate fresh cases, especially civil cases, either divorce or RCR

3. IF U got married and you’ve already filed for divorce (or RCR) AND your WIFE IS RESISTING divorce, don’t expect mercy.

In a majority of cases Courts would side with your wife in civil matters. You’ll pay maintenance, you will pay your lawyer, you’ll pay for her lawyer ( because he will inflate your alimony !! ) , you’ll pay for the whole system.

I am NOT criticizing this system or that. I’m just being practical and probably a little analytical ….

Men have been in a protector role for ages … They automatically take that role and want to protect women … Judges and courts do that as well …. Most ppl in Indian society pity a divorced woman more than a divorced male … Same same with courts



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