Win Win biz proposition once MARITAL RAPE laws are implemented in India .. #DontGETfakeRAPED !!

THE I didn’t RAPE my wife APP :


The Government of India has been discussing marital rape laws. Though some talk of study / deliberation etc are being whispered, There is a general feeling that such laws would be in the statue books sooner or later. Even without such laws, India is already a fake rape capital of the world. some 70+% of rapes filed in the national capital are fake, claimed a very repspected newspaper. Once can only imagine the plight of men once marital rape is also introduced !!

Since Indian rape laws are SO biased that ONLY men can be charged as rapists, there already exists a great need to save the genuine husband from being fake rape shammed by an irritated wife!!

Herein comes an "I did NOT rape my WIFE" solution, a great biz model and a win win solution for the society and the biz provider…..

In this solution (which can be physically handled by a APP or a website or even an SMS or phone call away), husband & wife will agree to a sex contract. This contract could be paper / on their cell phones / tables / computers etc, depnding on what the couple own and what they are comfortable with . The online contracts could / will be stored on the cloud to avoid the angry wife tearing up the contract JUST before faking a rape !!

In this model, Husband & wife will choose the type of sex, say yes, for how long, will it include certain acts, etc etc. On the mobile version, the initiator sends a message, and the other partner agrees using finger print or passwords. Consent would be captured by finger prints, signature or password or SMS & phone # combo . Where applicable, Date and time & tower position would be captured to avoid ambiguity. Special Two timing options, Girl friend options would be available !!

Consent stored online would available for AWPS to verify before filing marital rape.

Options would be available to specify type of sex and for how long etc (full, part … left to imagination) …

Not that this will eliminate fake cases, but would at least save SOME men for ignominy ..

Premium option will allow you to record the whole act and store encrypted online.



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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist


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