How Prestitutes make india a rapist nation

How Prestitutes make india a rapist nation and how it takes ages to get the truth out

Do you remember that Bangalore nursery school rape where a three year old kid was ALLEGEDLY raped by a horrible guy ?? This happened in late 2014

The parents and public demanded arrest of the school management, there were Hartals and road roko

India was tarnished all over the world

Many like me were REALLY concerned about the well being of our kids

It now turns out it was probably NOT a rape at all !! And The rape accused was physically at a different place ( at a workshop ) and there are video records to prove it … Yes he was NOT even where he was accused of rape !!

However Most media is absolutely silent about the outcome of investigations and that it may have been a FLASE flag

Truth somehow doesn’t bother them

Here is what’s transpired //// Following the police complaint, it emerged Nagaraj wasn’t even present in school on the day of the alleged incident. He was, in fact, attending a workshop at another branch of the same institution on November 26. There were video records to show he had attended the workshop.

Though the school has backed him throughout this traumatic time, school authorities say the past year has wreaked havoc on Nagaraj."He has lost his mental balance. After being released from jail, he wanted to commit suicide. His wedding was called off. We have taken him to counsellors, but he continues to suffer from psychological and behavioural problems," said L Rajashekar, HR manager of the school.

and this is Nagaraj’s background and what’s happened to him now
/// since he wanted a job to look after his aged parents, he started working as an attender. It was his first job and he had come just three months prior to the incident.Except Nagaraj, all other employees are female, other than the management. After the complaint was registered by the mother, Nagaraj, who was the only male employee, was arrested. If there was any other man in his place, he would have met the same fate," said AGM, G Ranga Reddy ////

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