Rape, Fake rape and now marital rape !! Why are new laws being added in india ?

The minister of state has recently announced that the government is planning to introduce marital rape laws in india

This comming from a traditional and Conservative party ruling india has shocked some ppl

However there is a method to the madness

Filing fake rape case on third parties is NOT working well in india, at least NOT for the extortionists and their supporters.

When rape and fake rape stats increase, the public get really scared / angry as media really focuses o mm rape. As a result, the Gummint gets blame, police get blame and in some cases even Gummint looses power (Sheila Dixit / delhi ? )

Also, many innocent men and boyfriends fight back fake rape cases and deny moolah. The whole thing is becoming messy.

So the politicians are changing the game and bringing MARITAL RAPE laws in india

When husband is called the rapist neither gummint nor police will be blamed… And a LOT of money can be made !!

The matter is SO simple and so basic


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