wife stabs man so hard that he looses kidney…. still NO case filed on woman, cops want man to wake up and file complaint !!

Mumbai: 30-year-old critical after wife stabs him in self-defence

By Sadaguru Pandit | Posted 6 hours : source :

******************* excerpts *************

  • Wife stabs man
  • Man screams and goes un conscious in agony
  • luckily neighbors call police who take him to hospital
  • Doctors have to remove his kidney !!
  • Still NO case filed on woman !!
  • Why no case ???? they are waiting for poor fellow to wake up, see the kidney missing and then then file complaint !!

******************* news from Mid-Day online edition **************

A 30-year-old Nalasopara resident was rushed to KEM Hospital yesterday, after he was allegedly stabbed by his wife. The police said his wife stabbed him while she was trying to defend herself during an argument. However, they are waiting for the man to regain consciousness to register a case. Officials from the Tulinj police station — under whose jurisdiction the case falls — say the incident took place around 11.30 am, in the Moregaon area of Nalasopara.

The couple was having a domestic feud, when they came to blows. Jitendra Vishwakarma, the husband, charged towards his wife to hit her and she stabbed him with a kitchen knife that was lying nearby. Vishwakarma started bleeding profusely, and was screaming because of the injury.

Representational pic

His screams attracted the attention of neighbours, who contacted the police. Officials from the Tulinj police station reached the spot immediately. After learning that none of the neighbours had intervened in the incident, the cops took Vishwakarma to the Nagindas Hospital. “We found both the wife and husband at home when we reached the spot. We then rushed him (Vishwakarma) to the hospital, and questioned the wife about the incident. She said that the incident took place when she was trying to save herself from her husband who was about to hit her,” said PSI Umesh Bhosle from Tulinj police station.

However, no case has been filed yet, since Vishwakarma is in no state to provide any statement. Also, there is no other witness to the incident. “We will file the case once he is conscious and is able to tell us what exactly happened,” said another officer from the police station. Vishwakarma was transferred to KEM Hospital after his condition started deteriorating. Since he had no relatives with him, police officials transported him to KEM Hospital around 4 pm yesterday.

Kidney removed
Dr Avinash Supe, dean of KEM Hospital, said, “The injury punctured the kidney of the patient and he lost a lot of blood. Doctors had to remove his kidney. Due to the incident, more than three bottles of blood were required for the patient. He is critical, as of now.” Vishwakarma is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for severe lung injury.

source : mid day online edition


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