Are pre nups useful In India ? (today’s scene ?

1. there is NO judicial precedent supporting pre nups in India .

2. What if woman files DV, files 498a on husband and family, leaves matrimonial home and files CrPC 125 etc in spite of a pre nup saying something else ? How can a a civil contract or an agreement between husband and wife, stop a woman from filing criminal cases … ? AFAIK, she can still file criminal cases and drag the husband to court, pre nup or NO pre nup. These criminal cases will go on for yearsand husband and co will have to run around to save themselves

3. because of the criminalisation of matrimonial proceedings, (example 498a, Dv cases, CrPC 125 cases, fake Rape on father in law, bro in law, fake 354 on Father in law, bro in Law etc etc), combined with the delay and backlog in Indian courts, and the level of honestly in the system, I do NOT think pre nups (civil law contracts) are useful in India

the above is my view

I’m Grateful for your answers / comments

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