one reason why there are millions of fake MATRI cases in India !! the NAWALT disease

NOT ALL women are like that ! The NAWALT Q and A

I’m sure many of you have gone thru this. The conversations goes somewhat like this

A. Sir, pl help close my 498a & divorce very fast
Q. What’s d hurry ?
A. I wanna get married again
Q. What IF next ablaa start same cases ?
A. No sir, NOT all women are like that (NAWALT)
Q. Ok..Ok.. why U get married ? what’s d motivator ?
A. I want a son
Q. and then …
A. Then son will get married !
Q. Whaat ? r you sure ? many daughter in laws filing cases these days !
A. No sir, NOT ALL …. NAWALT !!
Q. You planning all this without ANY thoughts on laws, society ?
A. No sir, you do NOT understand. sir, the problem is ONLY MY WIFE, you know sir , NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT !!!

🙂 🙂 🙂


so, IF every man thinks he is the ONLY honest guy with this problem and rest of the women are ALL sati sabitris , why won’t there be 100s of 1000s of cases !!


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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist


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